Nancy Greer
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

I-94 Corridor Project’s President, Nancy Greer, is no stranger to facing challenges of adversity and diversity.

Nancy has a personal philosophy of “paying forward” the benefits of her experience and knowledge – gained from family members, mentors on the job, teachers, and friends. She continues to donate her personal time and resources to benefit others. The I-94 Corridor Project was borne of her passion for beauty in space and function, as well as compassion for all people. An example of “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps”, Nancy believes there is good in humanity and an untapped potential in every individual. She is convinced that I-94 Corridor Project will unleash that potential for many in the communities it serves.

Board Members

Nancy Greer
Process Analyst, Contracts, Procurement

Board Member

Regan McBurney
Manager of IT Vendor Management

Board Member

Thomas Northrup
Human Resources, Cultural Geography, Business Development

Board Member

Ron Davis
Economics, Contracts, Procurement

Board Member - Chair

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Board Member

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Nancy Greer
President, Secretary

Chief Executive Officer

Regan McBurney

Chief Financial Officer

Kim Beloskur
Program Manager

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